Palo Cortado 1/10

Vino delicado al paladar, de aromas a roble y carácter en su sabor.

Amontillado Solera

Vino de color ámbar, punzante y agradable al paladar.

Palo Cortado Solera

Vino delicado al paladar, de aromas a roble y carácter en su sabor.



  • 95 Puntos PARKER es la mejor garantía de venta de toda la producción. Con 95 puntos se cuela un vino de CAYETANO DEL PINO, la histórica firma jerezana que llegó a plantar cara a las grandes del sector, pero que acabó desinflándose por la repentina muerte del cabecilla de la segunda generación, convirtiéndose en almacenista.  

    Diario de Jerez 26-6-2016
  • Ust the most fantastic value, this dry Almacenista Palo Cortado has a subte tawny colour and is full of salted caramel on the aroma. Dry fresh and nutty palate with a smooth beurre noisette richness that on and on, and on. - The Wine Gang

    The Wine Gang 5th Oct 2015
  • " A truly superb experience.... fragant, intense, exquisite - Liz Sagues "

    Hampstead & Highgate Express 10th Sep 2015
  • "a dry style though a deeper-coloured, richer delight intensely nutty in flavour. Wonderful. -Susi Atkins "
    Sunday Telegraph 7th Jun 2015
  • "its major components are long, nutty, brown sugar flavours with touches of marmalade to add roundedness and depth, but with balancing citrus acidity. "

    -Brian Elliott - Scotland on Sunday - 22nd Feb 2015
  • " esta es una belleza de color ámbar hued, con tonos delicados y deliciosos frutos secos, y la complejidad añadida de los años que se han gastado en el envejecimiento en madera. Un gran vino "

    Decanter Magazine Junio 2014
  • " Toasted nuts, acrid smokiness, expansive complexity on the palate and huge persistence. Incredibly savoury, with tons of urami character. Quite incredible length.  17/20 "

    - Richard Hemming - Jancis - 27th Nov 2014
  • " Brillant ... it has all the usual nutty delicacy and dryness, but embellishes it with an orange-cenred citrus freshness and complexity. This bottle would convert even the most die-hard sherry sceptic. "

    - Brian Elliott - Scothand on Sunday - 7th Sep 2014
  • "This is the older of the two Palos Cortados offered by the Bodega. It is about 35 years old and comes from a solera of just five butts. The wine is botteled with minimal filtracion. Internacional Wine Challenge Gold Medal 2015 "

    Jerez-Xérès-Sherry Jun 2014
  • " A nutty tang with coffee and raisin flavours. "

    -Olly Smith- The mail on Sunday - 25th May 2014
  • " Orangey gold... smoky on the nose ...chamomile aroma. (Powerful) ...smooth and round especially on the finish. Nutty and savoury with a sour note that brings freshness on the finish, like unsweet marmalade. Good value.  "

    - Julia Harding - - 15th May 2014
  • " Bottled by Sanchez Romate from stock matured by a similkar producer ( or almacenista) that specialises in the Palo Cortado style Sherry, this is an amberhued beauty, with delicate and delicious nutty tones and added complexity from the 12 years or so it has spent ageing in wood. A great wine.  "
    -Weekday Wines- Decanter - 1st May 2014
  • " 17/20 Bright pale orange. Gorgeous life and excitement and ege. Only just not too old but absolutely fabulous for the money. Bone dry, light and fresh while being deep flavoured and resonant. Very good value. " 17th Dec 2013
  • " Gorgeous life in this 12-year-old bone dry wine. woderfully light and fresh while being deep flavoured  and resonant. A great bargain."

    -Jancis Robinson- Financial Times - 21st Dec 2013
  • " Strongly recommended."

    -LIz Sagues- Hampstead & Highgate express - 28th Nov 2013
  • " From the stockholdings of a distinguished old name is sherry,  Cayetano del Pino, but chosen and bottled by the discerning bodega/shipper Sánchez Romáte, this is a distinguished dry Sherry for drinking whit jam or hard cheese, an intensely complex and powerful mix of nuts, sweet oak, and deeper umami-like bass notes, that is still very sprightly across the palate and the finish. 93/100 " 4th Nov 2013
  • " This has the most exciting life freshness while being deep-flavoured and resonant on the palate. Specially selected from a family-owned almacenista
    ( sherry storehouse ) that specialises in Palo Cortado by old Sherry. Especially when one takes its avarage age of about 15 years into account.  "
    -Jancis Robinson- - 11th Oct 2013

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CBI –  2016

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